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I produce, design, and execute weddings, special events and fundraisers...& I help people celebrate life's joys, little victories, passions and philanthropy. Oh, and my cat snores too.

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Aaron Delesie

Getting to Know David Pressman Events

Day in and day out, I thank my lucky stars that I get to work in this biz. Wedding vendors are some of the most driven, passion, and talented people I've met and it's quite the inspiration. David Pressman Events is one of those people. From using his fashion sense with Bride's while dress shopping to helping couples find the perfect venue to pulling together kick-butt teams of vendors for each event, David is a planner extraordinaire—and...


Somerset, England Thanksgiving Wedding from Aaron Delesie

Thanksgiving. It's by far one of my most favorite holidays. Full of family and feasting, it's a day where people stop and take some much needed time to be thankful. And here at SMP, we couldn't begin to count all the things we are thankful for. So we are giving thanks in the way we know best, by sharing the pretty. Today's heaping helping of gorgeous comes by way of Aaron Delesie (we couldn't be more thankful for him) and this stunning...


Malibu Botanical Garden Photo Shoot by Aaron Delesie Photography + David Pressman Events

We always know we're in for a day of total gorgeous whenever Aaron Delesie is involved. He is the peanut butter to our jelly and his photographs? Beyond, beyond, beyond.  This Botanical Garden photo shoot is his latest and greatest contribution to the wedding world. David Pressman Events masterminded the gorgeous design along with ...